INDEPENDENT TELECOMMUNICATIONS CONSULTANTS are a well established component of the industry’s channel-to-market structure and directly influence an estimated 25% of annual business-to-business communications network equipment and services sales. While not resellers or referral partners, consultants are a channel of influence that represent significant qualified sales opportunities for all telecom equipment vendors, service providers and integrators.

THE BROOKSIDE GROUP specializes in tracking the telecom consulting market and building business development relationships between telecom vendors and consultants. We provide vendors the resources, tools and counsel to help them effectively leverage the role and influence of consultants as a highly effective channel-to-market.

Today, the telecom consultant can best be defined as:

“An independent, technology management professional specializing in voice, communications, information technology, infrastructure and converged networks that integrate voice, data and multimedia applications.” These consultants are hired by their clients to help them:

  • Assess, plan, design, and/or integrate communications networks;
  • Recommend/choose the voice, data, and/or video network communications solutions best suited to their needs;
  • Negotiate, procure, deploy, and manage the solutions.

INCREASE YOUR SHARE OF CONSULTANT INFLUENCE (SCI) – More than 80% of consultants’ recommendations lead to a sale. What is your SCI among the active consultants in your served markets? Let us help you to increase your SCI.